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Last updated on 23. December, 2007

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Department of State Visa Bulletin - Immigrants to the U.S.

Immigration Support Services

Ammerican Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Your immigration lawyer will be your best friend for years to come (until the process is fixed and reduced to six to 12 months again). Don't be cheap or hasty when it comes to selecting your lawyer. If you have friends or coworkers who have been through, or are currently in, the immigration process, ask them about their lawyers. (Good lawyers are often recommended among immigrants, who know the importance of having a good immigration lawyer, especially if the situation you are in is a difficult one.)

Recommended Lawyer
I was looking for another lawyer to get some of my tricky questions answered and explore options. Having not so good experiences made myself, made me very cautious and do my diligence. Advice to you. Regardless of my or anybody elses recommendation, do some diligence yourself. Keep in mind that it is your life and future that you entrust to that lawyer to some degree.

I came across the Law Offices of "The Chugh Firm", which was founded by Navneet Chugh. The "Silicon India" ran a feature about him in May 2006, which was quite impressive (see here). The firm has today offices in Los Angeles (CA), Santa Clara (CA), New Jersey (NJ), three offices in India in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi and one on the Philippines. You can find the contact information at the company website at

Law Offices of The Chugh Firm Website

NOT Recommended
The Lawyer who was hired by my company and handled my case was Simmons & Ungar, LLP from San Francisco, California. I personally do NOT recommend this law office for immigration and nationality law, because of my own experience with them. They have a website at

Find Occupations (Job Titles)

It is important to use the correct TITLE for your past jobs when applying for the labor certification. Using a title from O-Net makes it easier for the officer who processes your application and you can also avoid titles that mean something different in O-Net than what you actually did in past jobs.

Your immigration lawyer should know this, but you can help your lawyer by finding some information yourself, because you know best what you did or did not do in past jobs.

O*NET Center Online

Find occupations using keywords or O*NET-SOC codes, or by browsing Job Families, High Growth industries, or O*NET Descriptors.

Occupation Information and Profiles
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